Friday, June 11, 2010

We Walked (and rode) for Angels!

May panned out to be a very busy month for us. Little J's social calender is in full swing and is keeping the rest of us on the move! So, I can't believe that I've waited until now to blog about The Angelman Syndrome Foundation walk-a-thon!
One of the most important events for us every year now is the ASF walk in Sacramento. Not only is it a chance for us to raise some money and awareness, but it is also an opportunity to gather together with other families to share accomplishments, tips and tricks, offer support to one another, meet new families and just have an all out good time. How could you not have a great time at an event with the happiest kids on earth!
This year 2 of the 3 little ones walked the event (or at least part of it). Last year all of them were pulled and pushed or just carried along for the ride in utero. Princess J had a great time giving Auntie Kristin a run for her money as she collected every stick and rock she could find....until she discovered the lake and tried making a run for it! Auntie Kristin knows every trick in the book though and was quickly between her and the lake!
Little J did amazing using his walker to complete a portion of the course and peanut J just went with the flow and made the day easy on us! He even squeezed in his nap while a live band belted out some fun tunes to dance to!
Every year our team of walkers grows! This year, we were lucky to have Auntie Kristin and Grandma and Grandpa Wells join us for the fun!
Maybe YOU can join us next year!