Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dear Barbra-the lady holding my circle journal hostage

Please contact us again regarding the status of our circle journals.
I am getting sick and tired of being a broken record and asking for
some communication from you. I realize that life issues have come up, but
give me a freaking break, you have had my journal for over a year now,
and I'm sure that the other two journals were not too far behind. When
you came on here back in June or July of last year and promised to get
them mailed out within two weeks, all was good, I had no problem with
it, and I wasn't mad about it. I wasn't even mad, that you tried to say
you were holding on to the journal because I was behind (sorry I forgot
to take the circle journal to the hospital to finish it while I
delivered my baby). I did have that journal out before my baby was 2 months
old. You however, have continued to hold onto my journal and my baby is
now 15 months old! Approximately 3 weeks ago, you promised to mail my
journal on to Laura the very next day and then the other two would
follow in a couple of days. You have not said a word since. You have
been asked over and over for confirmation that you sent it on, but yet
not one word. There are more important things in my life to worry
about, but now that this has gotten beyond rediculous, it's now the point
of the matter. You have shown no respect to anyone of the people you
are holding journals hostage from. You are not showing any respect for
the people who are waiting for the journals to arrive from you so they
can complete their commitment. I'm sorry if things are rough for you
right now, but all I'm asking for is a little communication and a little
get of your butt and mail the journals. So, please for the love of
pigs that fly ( which is when pigs fly is when I think your going to mail
my journal), please communicate and let us know what is going on. I
don't know what to do next, but I've decided that I'm not giving up on
getting my journal back. I'm going to keep hounding you and if I have to
go beyond this board to get it back. I know you haven't been posting on
the 2peas board, but I'm no longer feeling like this should remain
private. If you can't tell, I'm really pissed now.

Waiting for pigs to fly,


Thanks readers for letting me vent in public!

Monday, February 20, 2006


So, I'm getting my blog updated a bit late in the day (which is normal for me). First things first, I wanna wish Jen a very Happy Birthday! Hope all your birthday wishies come true!!! Enjoy your Birthday Month!

Yep! I said it, I said BIRTHDAY MONTH! I think that everyone should celebrate their birthday for the entire month! Afterall, when you were born, during that first month, don't you think your parents celebrated your new life every day! You should hang on to that tradition! Enjoy!

I also want to thank everyone who sent prayers for the family of Officer Scott of the CHP. I get very emotional when stories of officers killed in the line of duty come out. It just reminds you of the reality of the sacrifice these officers have the potential of making everytime they go to work. I am so thankful that the person who did this has been caught.

Something I was thinking about today when I was watching a news story about the officer shooting. They were interviewing friends and neighbors of the suspect who was arrested for the shooting, and they were all saying, how they couldn't believe that he had done it, because he was such a caring individual and so good natured, he always had his kids with him, and he was "getting straight". Then the news reports, that he has priors for violence with other officers. Um...this makes no sense to me.

In other news, I am totally ADDICTED to uploading music onto my Ipod! Now, G has decided that he wants one in the near future too. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2006

An Emotional Day....

When I woke up this morning, I heard the words that I never want to hear. I turned on the news and they were reporting that a CHP officer had been shot and killed in the line of duty. I started crying immediately. I was so thankful that G was home getting a cup of coffee. While I knew it wasn't G, it still breaks my heart every time something like this happens. I always have known from the day G and I met, that this is a risk he takes everyday. In general, I try not to let it consume my head or my heart. It just seems that in todays world, there are so many people who will kill for anything. There are so many people who do not value a persons life. They don't value the wives, children and other family members that the person they kill is important to. I think what makes it even worse when it's a Law Enforcement Officer, is that you know in any circumstance that they would do whatever they could to protect that same person from any type of harm. They are out there every single day doing a job that requires them to be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect their communities. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Officer Earl Scott. I thank him and his family for being there to protect and serve.

On a much lighter note. I have a new addition!! Today, I picked up my Valentines gift! Meet my new friend.... I am so excited about this new friend! I can't wait to start uploading songs to it and listening to my hearts content!

And to finish off this post....YAY!! Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya are in the finals!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I hope you voted!!!

Well, as long as it was for Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya 800-VOTE4-09 (800-868-3409)! All you Northern Californians should keep it local! Just found out that even Anna Trebunskaya is from here too! She's based in San Jose! Go Jerry and Anna!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yada, Yada, Yada and the answers to my Truths and Lies

Just another regular day around here. It looks like little J is getting his cold back...I hope it doesn't morph back into the RSV! Ugh! I just had to share another smiling Valentines photo too!

When I opened my email today, I laughed so hard. Yesterday, G was talking about going to the mall, because there were a couple of outfits I wanted at NY&CO that I wanted. I told him, that I didn't want to go yesterday, because I knew if we did, that I would end up getting an email coupon today. Well, lo and behold, what did appear in my inbox this morning...yep, you guessed it a coupon! I'm off to!!Costco tomorrow to see if they have any Ipod Nano's left and off to find an outfit or two! YAY!

A couple of sucky things that happened too... First, I went to Starbucks today, and forgot to use my gift card! LOL! Second, yesterday, I had gone into the beauty supply store to buy some hairspray, and eyed a bottle of nail polish I thought looked cute, so I treated myself. When I got home, I realized that I already had the same color! Whaaaa! No big deal, I'm thinking, I can just go in and exchange it...NOPE! I'm out $7.50 with a bottle of nail polish that I already had. It seems, that the beauty store cannot re-sell the nail polish after it's been sold and the vendor won't give them any credit for it. I guess I understand it, but it kind of sucks, I spend a ton of money in there every year, and have never returned anything, you would think they would throw me a bone. Oh well, I guess I won't be buying any nail polish there anymore...only at Nordstrom, where they will exchange it even if I use it and hate it. I think .Sephora will exchange it too. I check things out more carefully next time. I did email the company who manufactures the item, to see if they will do an exchange for, we'll see.

DON'T FORGET! Dancing with the Stars is on tomorrow night! Keep voting for Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya 800-VOTE4-09 (800-868-3409)!

Okay, okay....on with the truths and lies!

1. I have a tattoo of a heart on my hip. FALSE!
2. I wanted to join the Coast Guard when I graduated from High School. TRUE! My Grandfather was in the Coast Guard, and I always looked up to him!
3. Someone thought I was little J's nanny. TRUE! Who would think that little blond kid with curls was mine! Quite funny that someone would even ask though! Maybe they thought I was so good, that they were going to try to steal me!
4. I've seen Regis Philbin in concert. FALSE! I did see Willie Nelson though.
5. I used to work at Hot Dog on a Stick when I was in High School. FALSE! I'm a Burger King and Baskin & Robbins alum. Funny that G used to work at McDonalds!
6. After my first french kiss, I washed my mouth out with soap. TRUE! Damn that kiss was slobery! LOL
7. I've lived in Oklahoma. FALSE!
8. I love Korean Dramas. TRUE! Why doesn't Netflix carry them!
9 I danced on stage at the Kenny Chesney concert. FALSE...unfortunately!
10. I was an Army Reserve. FALSE! G laughed when I told him I put this up! LOL!

So, here are the results!
The correct answers were 2,3,6&8
Those with 1 correct were:
scrappingmomof3 (1,3,7,10)
rachel greig (1,4,5,8)
hillary (1,4,8,9)
kristy (1,3,5,7)

Those with 2 correct were:
burberrygirl (3,5,8,9)
nikki (1,2,6,9)
becky (2,3,5,6)
sylvia (2,3,5,6)

And the only two with the most answers correct, with a total of 3 were:
lara (2,5,6,8)
mandy (1,3,6,8)

I got something for Lara and Mandy!

Thanks for playing everyone, that was so fun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! Today was such a beautiful day here! Actually, yesterday was quite nice as well. Just some warm sunny days to brighten my mood. I love the sunny warm weather! Today, the three of us went to Starbucks (yum!) to have a treat! G knows how much I love to sit out in the sun and enjoy a Frappacino. It doesn't even matter that he didn't order the one I really wanted either! I didn't tell him, and you'd better not either! Anyway, while he was inside ordering the drink, I decided to snap some photos of little J. I love how this one turned out! I can't wait to pick it up at Costco and scrap it! Wahooo! We also went to the new Chili's that opened up down the road from us. I am so happy that we have a Chili's so close now! We had a great lunch and little J enjoyed his first restaurant meal. Chicken and french fries! He also has a great love for their Broccoli Cheese soup....just like his Mommy! I think next time, I'm gonna have to order him his own bowl, because he probably ate half of mine! After lunch, G picked up the ingredients we needed so he could fix dinner for me, and then he stopped off at my favorite ice cream place and got a Valentine Ice Cream cake! YUMMMMMMYYY!!

I can't believe I was up so late last night! I didn't go to bed until 3am! I was working on the altered canvas I made for G for Valentines Day! I love how it turned out. I'll try to post it later as well as the inspiration that inspired it!

Soooo, the question that everyone I'm sure is asking...what did I get for Valentines Day......

I was spoiled!
I got a Starbucks gift card!
I get to go buy my Ipod Nano!
I'm going shopping for a few new clothing items!
I get to go to a Gotta Crop later this year!

I'm so lucky!! G is the best husband ever!

Speaking of how lucky I am.... I cannot recomend enough, the program Love and Respect by Emerson E. Eggerichs . I am so lucky that our church is doing the video program in our Adult Bible Fellowship class. I have gotten so much insight from the program and from classmates. What a journey! Every week I look forward to hearing and learning more!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

First Things First.....and a Challenge!

YAY! Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya are still in it for Dancing with the Stars!!!

I got this challenge from burberrygirl on 2peas:

List 10 things about you. 6 lies and 4 truth. We can try to guess which ones are true and which ones are not. You can reveal the truth after Saturday

So, I'm gonna list 10 things here, 4 will be true and 6 will be lies. Take your guesses and post them in the comment section. I'll post the 4 truths on Wednesday, February 15th! First poster with all 4 correct (Suzy your not eligible), will get a RAK from me! Have fun!!

1. I have a tattoo of a heart on my hip.
2. I wanted to join the Coast Guard when I graduated from High School.
3. Someone thought I was little J's nanny.
4. I've seen Regis Philbin in concert.
5. I used to work at Hot Dog on a Stick when I was in High School
6. After my first french kiss, I washed my mouth out with soap.
7. I've lived in Oklahoma.
8. I love Korean Dramas.
9 I danced on stage at the Kenny Chesney concert.
10. I was an Army Reserve.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


HOPE YOU VOTED! Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya 800-VOTE4-09 (800-868-3409)

Thanks for all the well wishes about my post yesterday. I'm feeling much better about everything.

I wish I was headed for Torino, Italy for the Olympics. My parents are going to several of the skating events, including all of the finals. Wish I could go too. I just love Italy, I always feel so at home there. I think I need to take Italian lessons. Hmmmm....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I was reading another blog earlier, and the blogger talked about being lonely, even though she was surrounded by wonderful people. It really got me thinking about some discussions that G and I have been having lately.

With G's job, there is always the possibility, that if he wants to advance, or explore other career opportunities, that we would have to move. We've talked about this many times, and each time, I have told him, that I support him 100% in doing what he wants for his career. Afterall, it's because of his hard work, that I'm able to stay home with little J. He loves his job, and I want him to achieve everything he wants to within that career. I never want him to look back and say, I wish I had done this or tried that. With that being said, we've also talked about the fact that I really don't want to move. I love where we are. When he asks me why I love it here, it's really hard for me to say. I don't know why that is though. He knows, and has said it outloud, that I really only want to stay here, because of my friends. He also tries to reassure me, that if we do move, I will make new friends. While this is probably all true, it really got me to thinking about the whole situation.

There is a possibility, that G could get a job in another division, that would require us to move. The more I think about this, the lonelier I feel. I think it all goes back to when I was younger. My mother was somewhat of a loose cannon to put it nicely. We really don't have much of a relationship at this point in time, but that's a whole other topic. Anyway, when I was growing up, I had a lot of friends in school, but I didn't do a lot with them outside of school activities. I didn't want them anywhere near my mother. God knows what would have happened. Let's just say, she had issues, and kids are cruel. Just for the record, I'm not talking about just parent/child issues, these were serious issues. Anyway, so since I didn't do much with classmates outside of school activities, I think I really missed out on some close longterm reltationships. Well, as life has gone on here, since I left my crazy mother, and moved to be with my father and stepmother, I've really made some of the connections I felt I was missing in younger days. I've got friends that I met in college, that were with me through my crazy party days, friends that I have a history with. I've also made some really great friends through scrapbooking, that are very special to me, and also we have history and memories that are shared. I love having friends like that. New friends are always nice, but I love having friends that you've done and shared so many experiences with, people you can call in the middle of the night when your freaking out, people you tell your hubby to call when your in the hospital ready to have your baby, friends who your kid(s) will always call Auntie! Does this make sense to anyone but me?

Anyway, as I said, the more I think of the possibility of moving, the more lonely I feel. Hmm...I'm gonna have to ponder this a bit more.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random Blog Challenge for Tuesday!

So, burberrygirl posted this random challenge on Two Peas

Name 5 of your favorite garden girls and why they are your favorites.

1. Mary Grace Abuzman: This girl is just so talented! Her work is amazing, and I'm lucky enough to know her IRL! Little J will know her as Auntie Grace! Her layouts are beautiful, creative, and often times thought provoking. Her photos say a million things, and then her layout says something you hadn't even thought of!

2. Lisa Brown Caveney: Another garden girl that I'm lucky enough to know and to have scrapped with! Actually, Lisa is one of the first scrappers I met when I started going to the The Garage. I love her clean lines, and her amazing photos! Her perfect handwriting and thoughtful journaling are great too!

3. Carrie Colbert: I've always been a big fan of Carrie's. I love how she uses bright colors and her layouts always convey tons of happiness.

4. Joy Uzarraga : I'm just always drawn to her layouts.

5. Mellette Berezoski : Another Garden Girl, that I always just look at her layouts and go WOW!

Doctor! Doctor! (the one down the street, and the one on the television!)

Little J had his checkup today after our bout with RSV. It's not quite over yet. He's still a bit wheezy, so they want him to continue his medication for another week. So, we go back to the doctor again next week. Thankfully, the doctor said he is no longer contagious, so we can venture out into the world if necessary. Thank goodness, because I'm sick of feeling like I can't go anywhere! Not that I really have anywhere I want to go right now, but just the thought that I can't kills me! Thanks for all the well wishes for his speedy recovery. As you can see here, he's back to his smiling self! He loves this little police car! He loves to just sit in it with his hands on the wheel. When we push him around the house in it, he just laughs and laughs! Unfortunately right now, all of his infectious laughs are followed by a few coughs too. My parents sent this to him for Christmas. This kid has more "rides" than I've had my entire life! He's got his police motorcycle, his police car, his scooter, and a horse!

Okay, so yesterday, I posted about who would have thought that I would get addicted to Dancing With the Stars. Well, today, I'm wondering how I got roped into The Bachelor? In all of the past seasons, I just have not gotten into them. I've only watched the last few, so I could be in on all the "water cooler" gossip at work. Well, since my work is now the previously mentioned Little J, and his bed time is well before this show airs, I had no intention of watching any of it. I got sucked in on day one! At first, I just turned it on to reminisce about the sights of Paris -I was just there in November- and I miss it immensely! But then.....The TV became like this vacuum cleaner attached to my forehead, it just kept sucking me in, until now I'm turning it on every single week! I'm so looking forward to the "Women Tell All" episode.

So, do you wonder who I might be "rooting" for? I'm almost afraid to say, because I really hate to admit that I am that invested in this show! Well, I guess since I've actually made an entry in my blog about the show, the secret is out that I'm invested. So, I'm actually rooting for Moana. I know none of the other ladies seem to like her, they all think she's faking, but I really don't. I also really like Sarah from Tennessee too, but I think that there is more chemistry between Moana and Travis. Oh well, now that I've thoroughly bored you with this...I'll say goodnight. See ya all tomorrow and I'll try not to talk about television shows. No promises though!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Who would'a thunk it?

I would have never thought that I would enjoy a show about ballroom dancing. I don't know how it happened, but I am addicted to Dancing With the Stars. Actually, I originally got addicted to Strictly Come Dancing while we were visitng my parents in Switzerland in November. I am really enjoying this show. I have always been a Survivor fan, and I didn't watch the first season of Dancing With the Stars, because I was already thoroughly engrossed in Survivor Guatamala. I was seriously rooting for Stephanie! Anyway, this season, I got addicted to Dancing With the Stars before the new Survivor Exile Island started. I did however, set up my DVR to record it. Unfortunately for me, something went wrong, and it's not on my DVR. Ugh...better go catch up before next week.

Well, back to the topic at hand... I would have never thought I would be addicted to this show. Heck, I'm even calling in and voting! Now, I know (especially if you've read this far into this post) your wondering, just who I'm voting for. Before I tell you, can I just say that Stacy Keibler makes me sick! That girl got in line for all the right body parts I'm telling you! I'd never heard of her before, but if a genie popped out of a lamp today and said it would grant me three wishes, one of them is gonna be to have her body! Anyway, back to who I'm voting for.....

Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya 800-VOTE4-09 (800-868-3409). They are just so adorable!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Good Nights Sleep!

Wow! Yesterday was such a rough day. Little J was running a temperature anywhere from 101 up to 103. We just could not get it to come down. He was finally acting sick too. Very cranky, and very lethargic. I was just so sick with worry all day long. At one point, I got so worried, that I called his Dr. office, and while waiting for them to call back, I put him in the bathtub to try to cool him off. As I was putting him in the bath tub, he really started squirming. Next thing I know, there goes my cell phone right into the bathtub with him. Yikes! Now, there is enough water in that phone to be a nice home for a goldfish! Finally his temperature came down. After a full day of tylenol, coughing, nebulizor treatments, and a new found love for Gatorade, it was finally time to put the little one to bed. He went to sleep so quickly (he was exhausted), and then woke up with a stuffy nose around midnight. Quickly fixed that with a little suction, took his temperature which was down to 98.9 degrees, and it was off to bed for me! YAY!

I woke up with quite a start at 7:30 AM! He slept peacefully through the night. I had completely expected to be up with him for a few more nebulizor treatments! What a great thing! I got a good nights rest, he was a happy camper this morning...and pretty much all day and while grandma watched him, G and I got out for an hour and went to Chili's for lunch! Yummy!

Little J seems to be on the mend, he's still wheezing a bit in the evenings, so we'll see what the weekend brings, but he's back to his good natured self, and that was half the battle. He sees the dr. again on Monday morning, unless his wheezing takes a turn for the worse.

Now, about that phone for my goldfish. Don't worry, those of you who know that the only way to reach me is on my cell....I got a new one today!

Meet my new phone!