Friday, June 29, 2007

More Scrapping!!!

I got a few more layouts completed for my assignments at Picture Me Perfect. Just wanted to share them here! Still recovering, still on Vicodin, still can't be carrying around the kiddos. Luckly, I can still have cuddle time with Princess J! I would be going through complete withdrawl if I didn't get that. Time for another nap!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thanks Doc!

So, Monday was the big day! Bright and early Monday morning G and I headed down to the hospital so I could have my umbilical hernia repaired. I think I had the best anesthisologist ever! He told me I was going to start feeling a little sleepy, but probably wouldn't be completely out until we got to the OR....HA! That was the last thing I remember before I was waking up. I was glad to hear from the nurse, that while coming out of the anesthesia, I was super polite...she said every other word out of my mouth was THANK YOU!! LOL!!!

Recovery from this surgery is no fun! It's actually more difficult than recovery from a c-section! It hurts like heck...thank goodness for Vicodin!! I have been super sore and super sleepy for the last few days, which is why I haven't blogged.

Anyway, it sucks that I can't lift anything.....nothing for at least a few more days. My heart hurts when I hear my littlest one crying and I can't pick her up to comfort her. Actually, it just hurts knowing I can't just pick her up period. I miss playing around with little J too. He is just too rowdy these days for me to risk it.

Thank goodness my sister-in-law is here to help. My kiddos are loving her so much!! I couldn't ask for anyone better to take such loving care of my little ones. So, for at least a few more days I'll have to watch from the sidelines as someone else cares for my kiddos. Off to take some more Vicodin and get some sleep!

Friday, June 22, 2007


I can hardly believe it! I've actually been able to do a little scrapping lately!! Beautiful You is the first layout I've done of Princess J! The paper is by Heidi Grace it is from the Mushroom line. I am just in love with all the Heidi Grace Paper lately!! I actually started this one at the National Scrapbook Day crop at Suzy's store Picture Me Perfect in Fremont, but today I finally finished it. Sweet Smiling Cowboy I just did today! G watched the kiddos upstairs, while I put itunes on and listened to music and got my scrap on! I did this one for the Garage Girl design team at Suzy's. The last one Thank You God has actually been in my head for awhile, but I couldn't figure out a title. Then as I was browsing the gallery at Two Peas in a Bucket, I found this title on another scrappers layout. I hope she doesn't mind that I snagged her title, but it just fit. I needed to scrap the basic feeling that G and I feel so blessed, that God has trusted the special care of Little J to us. It's not always easy, but we know it is a blessing from heaven that he is our little boy.

Seeing these completed layouts really are inspiring me in so many ways. Not only can I not wait to do some more scrapping, but I really feel the need to get down to work when it comes to organizing my scrap stuff. Putting these layouts together has also made me feel the need to start thinking realistically about purging and using my stash. Right now, it is everywhere! Whenever I go into that room, I usually feel the mojo just sucked right out of me, because it's just all over the place and unorganized. It's really driving me crazy Tomorrow, I'm going to find some time to at least get started on putting everything in its' place and finding a place for everything. If I can't find a place for everything, then I need to be real about purging it. We are getting ready to have a "garage sale at Suzy's store, so I need to get some stuff in boxes, priced and out of here! I have the perfect opportunity to actually know what I have, where it is, and be able to make a point to use it! I just hope it's not too late! I have such a limited window of time to get this done!

This weekend, my sister-in-law and neice are coming to stay with us. I'm finally going to get rid of this stinkin' umbillical hernia on Monday! So, I won't be able to lift Little J for 2 weeks! I'm kind of nervous about the surgery too. It's kind of funny that the incision for the C-section was huge compared to the tiny one for this surgery but, I didn't even blink an eye or worry about the C-section. I hope this procedure heals quickly and easily, because I have so many things I want to do when it's over. I have so many things planned in the next two weeks! We're hoping to take my sister-in-law and neice to San Francisco to see some touristy sights (not to mention some photos). We'd also like to have her take some family photos for us. It's next to impossible to use the tripod and get a really good photo with Little J. He always wants to be looking at one of us. So, if we're not behind the camera, then he's not looking at the camera. We also bought tickets to the local fair as well. That should be good for some more photo opportunities. Whewwww....I'm acutally getting tired thinking about the calender after the surgery. I better nap now!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Melt My Heart!

I just love this little smile! This little girl can melt my heart a gazillion time a day! It doesn't matter if she's screaming demands, just looking around, or showing us one of her amazing little smiles, I feel so lucky and blessed that she is here. I can't even believe that she's been here for almost 11 weeks now! The time is just flying by! It's been a crazy whirlwind getting used to having two little ones underfoot and making sure they are both taken care of, I miss my regular sleep schedule, but I wouldn't trade this time with them for anything! I do wish that I had more time for just me and G, but I know that we will get that under control in time. He is such an amazing Daddy to our two little ones! I find myself thanking God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband who not only cares for and loves me, but also for providing our children with such an amazing Daddy. He definately always puts us first, even though he really should put himself first more often than he does. His Father's Day present is supposed to arrive tomorrow, I hope he puts it to good use and uses it to make time for himself and some enjoyment. He really deserves so much!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We Love You Daddy!!!

You are the best Daddy in the whole wide world! Happy Father's Day! Thanks Mommy for letting us borrow your blog today! Love, Little J and Princess J!

The Regular TV Season Might be Over....

But there are a ton of shows just starting their new seasons! Thank goodness for mindless television to keep my occupied while I'm a little more homebound than normal.

Shows I'm Watching:
The Real Estate Pros -TLC
Army Wives -Lifetime
The Starter Wife -USA
Hells Kitchen -Fox
Last Comic Standing -NBC
Big Love -HBO
American Inventor -ABC
Big Brother -coming soon to CBS!

Thank goodness for good summer TV!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

7 Random Facts About Me

Jo tagged me recently and I'm finally getting around to facing the challenge.

1.I am a book lover! I do however have a few crazy quirks about my book love. I hate library books, they stink and who knows where they've been? I can't stand the thought of some random stranger reading the book and sneezing all over it or taking it into their bathroom and reading it on the pot and then there I sit in my bed reading the same book and getting those filthy germs all over me and my bed! I never take a book from the top of the stack...I like my book to be a virgin when I open it (or at least believe it is).

2. Ever since Little J was born and I had those 2 am feedings, I found Korean Dramas on AZNTV. I have been addicted ever since! They are basically soap operas that actually come to an end. So, if you don't mind reading subtitles, then give them a try. They are really entertaining.

3. I have been watching the Young and the Restless off and on since about 1980! I can't believe that I've been keeping track of that soap for almost 27 years! Oy vey, that makes me sound really old, but I'm not! It's amazing the things that can happen in a soap opera...where else can a stripper end up running for senate? Where else can a pool boy end up marrying both of the sisters in the family he worked for and then marry the other daughter of the rival prominent family and become a member of the board of directors of rival families company?? And, how come they never got a replacement pool boy?

4. I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but here it goes. Back in the 80's I was a huge Whitney Houston fan. I so wanted to be Whitney! Thank goodnes for unanswered prayers! The first concert I ever went to was Whitney Houston at the Concord Pavillion. I think it was sometime around 1986. I totally remember trying to work out the scam to get away with going to the concert, because at the time I was under strict parental control and this was not going to happen by just asking if I could go. Anyway, as always my scam was detected and I was in huge trouble. I don't know how I ended up getting to go, but I remember it being a fun road trip from Santa Rosa to Concord with 2 of my co-workers from factoid #5 about me. That would have been Vicky and Rich who went with me. Thank goodness Vicky always had my back and helped me get away with a few things that were not on the allowed to do list.....

5. My first job was at Burger King! Ugh! I can't believe that I actually wore that polyester nightmare of a uniform! Just thinking about that polyester with all the grease floating around makes me ill! I can still imagine that smell! Ick!!! Oh well, it was a great time though! Made some great friends and had an awesome time working the drive-thru with my friend Chris from high school. That girl could make anyone on the other end of that speaker laugh out loud! Oh and my cousin worked there at the same time too. Sadly, after 1 year I had to leave the fun of Burger King behind, because I got a better job at Baskin and Robbins!! YUMMY ICE CREAM and no grease!! It was right across the parking lot from Burger King, so I still saw my friends on a daily basis.

6. In 1988 I was the 1st runner up in the Apple Blossom Queen competition in Sebastopol which made me an Apple Blossom princess. Fun times!!

7. Okay, and last but not least I know someone who shall remain nameless that used to dance for MC Hammer. HA!

Now, I'm supposed to tag a few peeps to share their 7 facts. I'm going to tag....Jenn (mesogoofy), Jen (islandgirl) and even though she hasn't finished the tag I did last time, Erin!!

Sweet Happiness!!!

TICKETS IN HAND...July 2nd can't get here fast enough!