Wednesday, January 01, 2014


"Life Moves Pretty Fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it" -FerrisBueller

Happy New Year long lost blog readers! I know it's been over 6 months since my last update, but we're starting off the new year and getting this thing going again.

I love the movie Ferris Bueller's day off, and I just happened to hear this quote again the other day while I was thinking about what I want to do in 2014. Life is pretty busy around here with the trio and some days I'm sure I am missing a lot! Mostly, I am missing pictures and documenting moments. I am determined to change that! This blog will help me do that. It is ridiculous to think that I can do all the documenting with the photos everyday, but I can post my ramblings here which can serve as a reference point.

Here is where we are right now:

Joshua- He is doing amazing! He is walking so well since his surgery and physical therapy. He is hard to keep up with now! He has mastered walking up stairs independently (although mommy is never far behind out of nervousness!) He is getting pretty good at going down stairs too, but with some assistance! He is in the 4th grade now and doing really well. He has an amazing teacher who I'm glad I can call my friend. His aide Matt is still with him and really is his best friend! We just bought Joshua an IPad and hope to get working on his communication and literacy! He's a smart cookie and he just needs to let it out! I know he will do amazing!

Jocelyn- This girl is so beautiful on the inside and out. She is in 1st grade now and doing really well. She is a very good student and still loves school! She is such a caring and kind little girl that it makes my heart super happy! She loves to read, she loves art, and she loves....MOSHI MONSTERS! She took an afterschool art program that she enjoyed and is taking a Yes for Chess class. Her favorite show is Moshi TV and her favorite movie is Frozen.

Jordan- What can I say about our little honey badger.....he is giving us a run for our money. He is currently attending preschool in the 4 year old classroom and is working hard on his classroom skills. He has lots of friends and is a sweet little boy....just full of unmatchable energy! He loves hotwheels, emergency vehicles and trains! He loves to get on Youtube and find videos of train crossing lights and of all things elevators! His favorite show right now is Caillou (sigh). His favorite movie is Despicable Me 2.

Jocelyn and Jordan are still participating in AWANA. They love it and I love that they are learning about God and Jesus.

So, what do I want to do in 2014.....
I love volunteering at the kids school. I'm currently volunteering in Jocelyn's classroom 1 hour a week as well as being a co-room mom for her class and Josh's class. I am also doing library for Jocelyn's class....along with being a member of the Parent Club board. I really enjoy being a big part of their school. That are some other things I'd like to get done this year.......

1. Get started on Project Life and document in words and photos our everyday.

2. Read more! Currently I'm reading Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich. I recently finished the Shades of Grey Series.....and I gotta say it sucked the fun out of reading after book number 2. They really could have finished it off in book 2. (JMO)

3. Be more Crafty!!! Oh my...I miss my crafty time! Jocelyn and I took some mommy/daughter paper craft classes at our local scrapbook store and it was so much fun! So...I gotta make it happen!

3 Clear the clutter! Thanks to a few awesome ladies at my MOPS group, we have a decluttering group going on Facebook. I hope after the regular schedule kicks in I can get back to decluttering!

4. Lose the weight and get it together to do a 5K in March! Let's go!

5. CHOOSE HAPPINESS! Even when I'm feeling down or not happy about something, I wanna choose to be happy! Get through it!


Jack said...

Those beautiful faces are getting sooo grown up ~ I can't even remember the last time you posted about scrapbooking woman! getting back into our healthy and FUN habits can be a challenge, something tells me YOU will rock it tho! Good luck on your 5k!! wooohoooooo!!!! We will be cheering you on here in Iowa <3

Sarah Osborne said...

Love it, Laurie! I'm big on documentation and try to blog 2-3 times a week. Good luck with your goals! I'll add ya to my blog roll :)

Mrs. L said...

I too am going to try to get my blog going again. Nice to have you back. And yes, start doing Project life, even if you don't do it daily it's nice to have that record of your life.