Friday, January 24, 2014

Not Gone!

The blog is still going to be active, a little crazy just got in my way! It's been a completely crazy life lately! Getting back into the groove of the daily schedule. Working on my plans and goals for this year...not getting very far yet, but making progress....

Here is a bit of crazy that's been going on....

First we've had lots of birthday parties to attend! So thankful for wonderful friends and that my kids have such great friends! 

Week 1 back to school and routine was a bit challenging. I have a post about that I've been working on, as  I was having a very discouraging week. That is hard for me, since I'm generally a glass half full kind of girl. So, needless to say, the last 10 days has been a bit of a roller coaster...physically and emotionally. I'm still choosing HAPPINESS and JOY, so back on track! 

Peanut J started out with what appeared to be a little cold. He had a clear runny nose and a slight Sunday night, he had 103 temperature and was coughing like crazy! We kept him comfortable and resting on Monday due to the holiday. At 3am he woke up from coughing and said he wanted to go see Dr. Mika...he said he was so very sick. It just broke my heart! By Tuesday's visit to the doctor, he had really bad Bronchitis. So he is on an antibiotic and an inhaler for the cough. Wednesday, Princess J complained of a little tummy ache, but she didn't have any fever so we sent her off to school. Peanut started turning the corner and feeling much better. We picked up the kids at school and Princess J was not looking good. Took her temperature when we got home and it was 101! I felt so bad for her! By bed time, she was coughing like crazy as well. Headed to see the fabulous doctor and thankfully, she is not as severe as her brother, but the fever still persists. 

If all that was not enough, our heater went out. Thankfully, the company we bought it from was able to get someone over to see us on short notice. I was a bit nervous that we'd be heatless for the night! I explained to them that we had two kids sick with bronchitis and Little J's inability to always control his body temperature or keep blankets on....thankfully they were very responsive! It appears to be a simple switch that is defective and we are under warranty YAY! 

So, these last 10 days were just a minor back soon! 

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