Monday, January 13, 2014

Moshi Monday

Moshi Monsters is the current craze in our house! We had a Moshi Christmas and everyday since is filled with Moshi Monsters! We read Moshi magazines, we read Moshi books, we play Moshi games on the computer, we play Moshi games on the Nintendo, we draw Moshi Monsters, we sing about Moshi Monsters, we dance with Moshi Monsters.....there is nothing that goes on in our house that a Moshi isn't somewhere nearby or directly involved. Princess J....LOVES HER MOSHI MONSTERS!

How did this start you ask? It all started with a Happy Meal....what brilliant marketing! I was reading a little bit about Moshi Monsters which initially started in the UK. They have a Moshi Monster amusement park for goodness sakes! Well, they wanted to roll out their cute little monsters to the North Americas.....and they caught us at lunch time! HA! The Happy Meal toys were good for awhile....and then Princess J spotted the Moshi Magazine at's been Moshi Madness here ever since!  Good thing Moshi Monsters are cute! Now if they would finally release the Moshi Monster Movie in the US all would be good for this Princess...she says it's taking forever!

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